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The Lawnchair Logo


No clever tagline needed.
A screenshot of a user using Lawnchair for their home screen.

No clever tagline needed

Yup. Get it? Lawnchair. It's a bad pun, we know.
Lawnchair is a supercharged version of the Pixel Launcher you know and love. Being an open-source project, you get all the latest Pixel Launcher features shipped by Google in their latest Android release, plus added customizability. The best part? No root required!



Customizable Pixel Launcher

Lawnchair has a design similar to the Pixel Launcher, with added customizability.


Latest Android features

Lawnchair has the latest Android features, like Material You and the new At a Glance widget.

QuickSwitch support

Lawnchair has support for QuickSwitch, a Magisk module that adds Recents customization.