No clever tagline needed

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No clever tagline needed

Lawnchair. Get it? It's a bad pun, we know. Based on Launcher3 from AOSP, Lawnchair has all the features of the Pixel Launcher (including the Google Feed), plus customizability. Best of all? No root required.

Android Oreo features

Notification dots and improved shortcut UI have been backported for anyone to use! Perfect for anyone who won't be getting Android Oreo anytime soon.

Pixel Launcher: Customizable

Icon size, label, rows, and columns are all adjustable. Lawnchair also supports icon packs, and the Pill is customizable as well. These aren't the only features, and more are added regularly.

The Lawnchair Team

Till Kottmann
Jozsef Kiraly
Joshua Baldassare
Lumiq Creative
Christopher Kardas
Abhijeet Bohra
Rick Kode
Rhyse Simpson


If you have an issue with Lawnchair, we're more than happy to help. Ask around in our Telegram Group or mention us on Twitter. Follow us on Twitter for announcements as well.

Check out Lawnchair's GitHub. Help out by fixing bugs, flagging issues, or even by just downloading and testing!